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Offering Mobile Canine Massage Services

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Canine Massage Services

Sign up your dog for a massage that will ease their stress. Just let me know when you need my help, and I will come to your location. For your convenience, I offer one-hour sessions in the comfort of your home throughout Solano County and the surrounding areas.


Service Fee/Hour – $50

Travel Fee – $10

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My Clients

My services are for people and/or families who have the following
  • Athletic Dogs
  • Casual Canines
  • Golden Year Seniors
  • Playful Pups
  • Companion Canines
  • Working Dogs
  • Assistant Dogs
  • Show Dogs
  • Therapy Dogs
  • Family Pet Dogs
  • Park Playmate Dogs
  • Rescued Dogs
  • Couch-Lounging Dogs
  • Agility Dogs

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"Thank you!!! Sedona & I love your healing touch!!❤️"

--Sedona & Erika

"Spur doesn't like very many people touching her all over except for pets & scratches, but when she sees Candace, she goes CRAZY! She LOVES her massages and will actually fall asleep and feels amazing afterwards. Candace is in her circle!"

Spur & Julie (dog owner)

"Awesome! Magnificent! Fantastic! Loving"


“I felt like a new woman(dog) after my massage. My arthritis is not bothering me at all now and I feel good for weeks. Candace is calm, gentle & really knows how to loosen my muscles."

--Lola & Kristine (dog owner)

"Candace has the touch of Golden Paws (oh I mean hands!). She puts me in a zen state of dog heaven! She makes me feel so much better. I am one happy and lucky dog!"

--Sampson & Trixie(dog owner)

"I loved watching the process & was pleased to see how comfortable Sierra was-now

sleeping! Thank you for your gentle touch & for explaining the process & findings with me. I feel that there is much potential for healing with this therapeutic technique! Thank you very much"

-- Sierra & Ruth (Dog Owner)

"I felt so relaxed after my massage, my muscles were nice & loose."

--Tank & Kristine (dog owner)

"I am reactive when my toes are touched-Mom thought I wouldn't lay still for a massage. Fooled her! Candace is so gentle and wonderful. I loved every minute of my massage and it has helped my sore leg."

--Dublin & Dolores (dog owner)

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